Flu and Virus Respiratory Infections

One of the most prevailing kinds of virus respiratory infections (VRI) is the flu – it is observed in 90% of VRI-patients. Unfortunately, each winter season is accompanied by epidemiological flashes of this disease.

Everyone of us knows not by hearsay, what kind of illness it is. The flu is highly widespread and causes epidemics annually.

It is known that the flu affects first of all elderly people, children and people with the weakened immune system (having serious chronic diseases, immunodeficiencies, etc.). It often result in severe complications among them.

The flu is not so dangerous for others: a few days of fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, but all this quickly eventually goes away, and the person is ready to come to work again.

However nobody wants to take a sick-list, to toil in bed and to jeopardize family because of this influenzal monster.

You always want to avoid illness by hook or by crook! And if you fall ill nevertheless – to make a miracle, and to overcome flu for a couple of days instead of usual seven or ten days. But for this purpose it is necessary to know the face of your enemy.

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