Simple Things Do Work against Flu!

Since 1970s various states of the world conducted vaccination campaigns against flu. Unfortunately, since then these inoculations have been repeatedly declared the most useless.

In fact, it is well-known that the flu virus has a huge number of subtypes. And it continues mutating all the time. A vaccine efficient against one subtype today can become absolutely useless against another flu type tomorrow.

An efficiency fight agains influenza is annually denied, however, due to some optimistic anti-flu ads there’s always somebody who is ready to be a guinea pig in new experiments and investigations. Some peopel relly want to test on themselves injections which make them go off the rails for a week and which have no real guarantees of safety and efficiency. It’s a pathetic attempt and a doublful experiment.

But there is a set of ways of nonspecific preventive measures that have proved to be quite effective against flu. The most simple of them is a wearing gauze bandage during the flashes of infection. Besides, you can try tempering, taking vitamins, micro- and macrocells, natural and synthetic immunomudulators, interferons, etc.

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